10 random facts about me…

  1. I love it when the seasons change: the majesty of the first snowfall, the excitement of blossoming trees, the heat of summer sun, and the bright colored leaves of fall.
  2. I have a music fetish and search out new tunes at least once a week.
  3. My favorite places to eat are Sawadee, Café Rio, Zupas, and Squatters.
  4. I love being in my car alone. It’s my sanctuary where I can be with my thoughts, my music, and the beautiful world.
  5. When I drive, I’m constantly visualizing scenarios for photo shoots as I scrutinize possible future venues.
  6. My goal in life is ‘to be different’ but sometimes I just want to fit in ;)
  7. I love popcorn – kettle corn, homemade, or even just regular microwave popcorn.
  8. I could eat ice cream every day.
  9. I have the tendency to buy things on impulse or to ‘stock up on’ so I have way too much stuff for my own good.
  10. 3 words to describe me are: creative, stubborn, perfectionist.
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