Caitlin and Jeremy: Candids, Cake, and Dancing

Caitlin and Jeremy sure know how to throw a party. It was the perfect combination of elegance and fun. The Orangerie at Red Butte Gardens is incredible because it’s filled with gorgeous greenery and it always has a beautiful, soft light illuminating the room.

After greeting most of their guests, the bride & groom cut the cake. They also did this cool thing where they each had a color of salt & took turns filling up a glass vial. It was so creative and beautiful. Then, it was time for a few toasts and some musical numbers. It was especially fun for me to capture Caitlin and Jeremy’s expressions as they watched the program :)

Everyone filed outside for the bouquet toss and garter throw, and then we got to witness Caitlin and Jeremy’s first dance together! When it was time to say goodbye, everyone lined the exit and blew bubbles. It was an amazing day and I loved that I could be a part of it, photographing their special moments!

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