My Anthropologie Birthday Card

The other day, I got a small envelope in the mail. Upon opening it, my eyes couldn’t believe what I saw.

A linen envelope adorned with 5 bright buttons and a small card from Anthropologie, giving me 15% off a purchase during the month of July. I want to use it just because of how stinkin’ cute it is and because it was refreshing to receive this cute, spunky card. I love how they took a little extra time (and, let’s be honest, money) to make me seem important to them.

Thanks, Anthropologie!

Question is: how can I incorporate this idea into my business?

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3 Responses to My Anthropologie Birthday Card

  1. That has got to be the cutest store birthday card I’ve ever seen. It would definitely make me head to the store to use it too!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! that is a very cool card.

  3. happy birthday, what a cool card!

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